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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 10?

I don't know why every time I got pregnant I got confused at which week I am now. Three weeks back the doctor who confirmed my pregnancy said I was already 7 weeks but my apps told me I am now only at week 9.

Isn't that puzzling and frustrating at the same time?

Anyway, at this week 9/10, I just want to pass trimester 1 as quickly as possible. I am starting my morning sickness but dear God, please spare me the agony!

What can I say about this week? Headache, nausea, vomit, attempts to vomit but just spit out a lot of saliva, vomit some water, more painful attempts to vomit just to get it over an done with (coz the nausea just won't leave me until I got rid of my stomach content), vomit lunch, vomit breakfast and vomit vomit vomit!

Tired of the word vomit? Want to change it with puke instead?

Bottom line is, it's not a pleasant week, it's those weeks that you just want to put behind and forget about it ever. It's the kind of week where you just go through life half-awake, drowning in your own pain of either vomiting or trying not to, or just trying to focus amidst the throbbing headache.

I just wish it's already week 13. 13 seems like a lovely number now.

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