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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I forgot this weird feeling...

... And it's back.

As delightful it is to find that we're expecting, there's also the not-so-joyful moment of getting used to being pregnant again.

Although I'm better off this time (no vomiting as yet and let's pray that there will be none ever this time around!), there are still symptoms that I have to endure.

Since I found out about the pregnancy I had been on standby for the nasty symptoms of terrible headache, gassy tummy, and of course being Mrs Puke and then dying a slow grueling death afterwards.

Week 7 passed by - ok. In fact I was energetic and all worked up that I could even did house cleaning myself including mopping the whole house and doing rounds of laundry, etc.

Week 8. I got tired. Easily. My energy seems to wind down and I had to exert more energy to stay focused. Occasionally I felt nauseous but I convinced that I don't want to start that ugly morning sickness phase this early. If it had to happen, i'd like to have it at the very last week of trimester 1 so I could enjoy the rest of my experience. But still I was discipline enough to keep my appearance well - I started using makeup again prompting so many questions at work.

Week 9. I'm finding it more of a struggle to focus - I forgot that pregnancy also made me feel as I I had my head kept under water and everything is murky, soggy and uncomprehending. Not good for my studying side and even worse for my work.

I am still grateful that other than that I'm still well enough to fetch my daughter and played with her. I don't want her to feel that I'm neglecting her.

Just that I also wish that those pampers and love I received from hubby when I was pregnant with Khayla would not dwindle or lessen this time around.

Like my back and right calf are feeling stiff right now after driving all the way to Bangi, yet I don't get that readily available massage I used to get last time.

Oh well. I'll just settle with not having early morning sickness, that is good enough.

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