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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 9 (most likely!)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to PCMC for my first of the many, many weeks of pre-natal check ups (Insya Allah).

This time around, I'm seeing Dr Tan Ay Eeng, not Dr Seri Suniza anymore coz she's always busy.

Guess what? When she finally scanned me, the pregnancy turned out to be waayyyyy earlier than the earlier clinic estimated. My heart also sank to the bottom of the sea - I was looking forward to leave trimester 1!

So now I'm back to Week 9. The week I suspected that I was pregnant was actually my Week 4. Maybe because I had been pregnant before, so my body is good at recognizing the symptoms earlier this time around.

The scan also showed that it's a viable pregnancy meaning that my lil' one has developed heartbeats. Yeay, lil' one! Good job thriving in there! :)

The couple of weeks I went through was thankfully over. I think this time around I vomit less, but I am more mabuk. It's because I cannot vomit, so my head constantly feels like being underwater. I desperately want to vomit but when I do gag, all that came out is just water and sour-ish taste (yucks!).

Next year I'm going to use protection after I stop breastfeeding.

So looking forward to Week 10.

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