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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 25: May all my love and prayers be heard

Dear baby,

How are you doing in Mommy's tummy? Are you enjoying yourself rolling around and playing the poking games? I hope so. Sometimes I found it funny when your sis and you took turns kicking my tummy. Talk about early sibling rivalry!


Today we went for six months' checkup. Mommy is happy that the blood pressure and weight gain are just fine.

But when it was time to do the ultrasound, something happened. After measuring your head circumference (normal), she spotted something that made her pause and pressed the scanner firmer on my lower tummy.

She concentrated so hard on something and only answered me in distracted manner. I thought she had probably seen another baby ('guess what? You're carrying twins!') but no. That wasn't what happened.

After the scan, we sat in front of her and she proceeded to draw a womb. She explained about the womb's structure - the placenta, the membrane and whatnots. Then she said, 'sometimes in between the amniotic sac there's another layer called the amniotic band.'

So I asked how does it affect your development because she looked rather worried just now.

She tried to make it sound light and reassuring, telling me that the one she spotted just now did not seem to affect you. It was after all just a thin membrane which she described 'as thin as a curtain layer' and hardly harmful.

But I was not convinced. I asked what is the worst case scenario? She replied that you could have moved actively and suddenly got tangled in the amniotic band. Then you will have some sort of signs around your limb.

She made it sound as if it was nothing too serious. But after that, I googled about the amniotic band and was so horrified to see pictures of babies' limbs after they got constricted in it - there's a medical term for it called 'ABS'. Some limbs couldn't be saved and had to be amputated because it didn't develop. Some babies ended up with cleft palate. In worst case scenario the band constricted the umbilical cord and cut off all oxygen and blood supply - resulting in fatal case.


At this moment I just don't know what to do. I feel helpless especially since Dr Tan said there's nothing that we botch could do about it. Should I go for a detailed scan to confirm that it was indeed amniotic band or whether your hands / feet are safe? What if you already got tangled in it because I always feel that you only stick to one side of my tummy? How do I save you my child??

I just pray that we are in the not serious at all category where the band will just end up disappeared without causing you any harm.

Please, please, please baby... Stay away from the amniotic band and move carefully. I love you so much and don't want you to be hurt in any way.

Please don't make me worry.

Dear Allah,

I pray to You to have mercy on my child and protect her from any harms. But if it is meant to be, give me the courage and ways to cope with it.


Love you always no matter what,

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