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Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Which We Discover You

My dear little child,

I first sensed your existence a week ahead of our discovery. I had been feeling somewhat not myself, and asked myself over and over again whether it is an omen that you are coming.

In fact, Abah (let me use that term first until he decides what you should call him) out of the blue, received a little windfall in the form of a month bonus at the same time. Hmm. We both suspected that something bigger is brewing and we both got it right. Alhamdulillah.

My dear child,

I don't think it is too much to say that we could guess which day you were conceived. I am so sure and certain that it is on Friday night a little over two weeks ago because we both were set on bringing you to the world. On that night, we both sat down after prayer to recite Yasin and pray to God that please, please send us a child.

In a way, we both are prepared to receive you finally.

When I could not contain my impatience anymore, I decided that I wanted to know and be rid of this 'Am I pregnant? Am I not pregnant?' questions which kept nagging at my inner self incessantly. I have been experiencing discomfort below my stomach for a week and it wasn't like any pain which I knew. It wasn't gastric, and it wasn't PMS. It was just... well, discomfort.

So I went ahead and did the home pregnancy test.

At first, there was no line appearing on the window. I was about to dump it in the rubbish bin along with its wrapper, but then slowly a faint line appeared.

Abah was watching tv when I went over and showed him.

'Does that look like a second line to you?'

Forgive Abah for not being able to react like any other first-time fathers. I have always resigned to the fact that Abah's emotions are the size of an amoeba. We are yin and yang. Whereby I got extreme emotions, Abah has always been the cool one.

'Yes. You're pregnant, dear.' And continued watching The Matrix.

I did not know whether to cry or not, so I did both. I blinked back a few tears and then decided to do a second test the next morning.

The next morning also appeared with positive result.

Oh yes, I am so pregnant already.

Welcome, my little baby.

Read between the lines... Yes, I'm pregnant!

Ummi (until I decide what you should call me, but definitely not 'Mama', or 'Mommy' or 'Amma' too)

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