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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The moments Mom & Dad wait for...

Dear Baby,

Obviously, the moment we discovered about our pregnancy, we worry straight away. Worry why there's no morning sickness symptoms, worry how you're doing in there, worry why there's spotting every time you turned a week older, worry how you're doing in there, worry why everyone else seemed to feel movement at week15/16, worry how you're doing in there...

At Week 19, I vaguely feel some 'sensations' in my lower abdomen, some throbbings and unexplainable feelings of a having a whole universe busy at its own activities inside there. But since it is only happening inside and when I put my hands on my tummy to feel those movements and did not feel even the slightest of it, I felt that the whole thing is surreal. Just a figment of my imagination.

Until this week comes. Week 20.

I was obediently following doctor's order to stay in bed on Friday, watching tv and checking Facebook. Suddenly I felt something stirred inside. I placed my hand absent-mindedly just below my navel, and continued watching tv. A few minutes later, something poked out and I could actually feel it!

I stared at my tummy in disbelief, but I did not move my hand. A minute passed by, and then the same sensation of stirring came from inside again, and you poked my tummy again!


I was amazed. That night I told Daddy, and he too wanted to feel that movement. But of course, nothing happened. Daddy was deeply disappointed.

Saturday came.

After iftar, I sat on the sofa, contented. I was reading Times Magazine, when I sensed stirring and throbbing sensations to the left of my lower abdomen. Once again, I put my hand on that area, and continued reading. Then it happened again. The Movement, with capital 'M'. I exclaimed loudly to Daddy, 'Cepat bang! Baby gerak lagi!'

Daddy came over in excitement and put his hand on my tummy and even his ear. You must be enjoying yourself, teasing Daddy because you did not repeat that again. He moved away, disappointed. Then you kicked again, and Mommy exclaimed again. Daddy bound over, this time determined to catch the moment.

Then you must have felt kesian with your ol' man, because you kicked again at the same spot. Daddy was thrilled! 'Ya lah! Abang pun rasa!' He placed his ear near that area but of course he could not hear anything la kan... That night, I was kept awake at 2am because that is the hour you party are most active and keep on poking me to the point I had to wake up your father to tell you to sleep. Besok aje main ye baby...


Now that you are making big movements that we both could feel, you have no idea how relieved we are. We no longer have to spend endless days and nights worrying whether you are still surviving in there. Just feeling your movements can make us feel so much happier.

Thank you my little cupcake. And keep on surviving.

Mom & Dad

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