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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Which We Saw Two...

My dear little child(ren),

Today I went to see our doctor again for another jab. Your grandma drove me to the hospital and even though I do not doubt Grandma's driving capability, I couldn't help but tensed all the way to the hospital because Grandma never drove in KL before. Grandma is a competent driver back at her hometown which never had traffic jam like KL does, and people there are leisure drivers, unlike KL drivers who are always rushing about.

I kept on yelping and covering my eyes and it made Grandma so nervous that she forgot to change gears and the car engine died twice. In the middle of the road. I was so mortified and so wished that I could drive, but doctor said no. Not until you develop your heartbeats. I am considered a disabled person until that precious heartbeats are here. Please baby, please grow your heartbeats fast. I can't go to work, can't drive and can't do anything without your heartbeats!

Anyway, we reached the hospital safe and sound. Then, we had to wait for 2 hours (typical of the hospital to let us wait for that long when all I want is just a jab). When it's finally our turn, doc said she wants to scan and see your development in my tummy.

I too, waited anxiously to know how big you have grown since our last visit to the doctor. Grandma was also excited to see you for the first time. When we saw how big you've grown through the monitor, we've 'ooh'ed and 'aah'ed breathlessly. Then doc twisted the scanner because she thought she saw...

'Look, there's two sacs here.'
I almost jumped off the bed in shock. Two sacs?

The ultrasound image looks something like this. - Photo sourced from (Pregnancy & Childbirth)

Sure enough, I saw with my own eyes another smaller sac next to the bigger sac. It made me nervous and excited at the same time. What does it mean? Are there two of you in there?

'Masya Allah, there seems to be two amniotic sacs here. One bigger than the other... I can't say for sure now, it's too early. But... if God wills it, there might be two of them.' Doc sounded cheerful but unsure.

Being always full of questions, I can't help thinking how is it possible? Could it be that two eggs were released in the first place from the same ovum? Well... that sounds impossible. Or could it be that (Abah's theory) the cells are not finished dividing itself yet so that is why the other sac is smaller? I have no idea whatsoever. FYI, Abah is always referring to you in plurals e.g. 'Hi anak-anak!' every time he puts his hand on my tummy. Could Abah's word turned to reality?

Doc once again gave the same advise to be cautious, to limit my movement and to eat healthy food. Driving, going to work and partying with Abah are no-no. Poor Abah...

My dear little child(ren),

I do not know what God has in store for both myself and Abah, but whatever it is, we will try to make the best of it and accept it with full gratitude. Be it one, two or more, you are still ours and our responsibility to protect, nourish and teach the right way of life since you are still inside my tummy. That is why ever since I learnt about the pregnancy, I have tried my best to control my emotions, say only nice things, and most importantly to read to you the Quran, in hope that you will not forget God that had created you.

My wish for you my little child(ren), is that you may grow healthy, happy and most of all, be good Muslims who will bring goodness into the world.



P/S: Abah, as usual, does not react much when I told him that Doc suspects there might be two babies in my tummy.

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