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Sunday, June 27, 2010

One week short to 2nd trimester

A fortnight ago, I stepped into the rest room and saw that I was spotting. This time, it was quite a lot.

I tried to remain calm and called KLMC to see the O&G doctor, but I was told that O&G is only available on Tuesday. So, ever so trying not to panic, I called En Suami so that we could straight away go to the Samuel clinic to check it out.

Alhamdulillah, the baby still has its heartbeats and at 11 weeks, it is resembling more like a mini human (although more like basic engineering) rather than a... reptile.

As we watched its heartbeats, we could not help feeling overwhelmed by how strong those heartbeats are, and how steady they are. Somehow, this baby showed the will to survive and I am very proud of its accomplishment.

I know I have not been a good mommy ever since I started my morning sickness. Like, skipping folic acid and hardly taking whatever pills the doctor prescribed to me. The thing is, there is a very strong aversion towards anything to do with medicine and I guess this is one trait that I will pass on to my little child later on (if he/she survived).

Last week, the baby turned 12 weeks old in my uterus and it has officially entered month 3. From here onwards, I pray to God that the journey will be less turbulent and may this time, our prayers be answered.

The prayer for the little one.

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