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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new bun in the oven?

Today we were blessed with another joy of finding out that we are pregnant - for the second time! Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for bestowing this gift to us :)

Actually we knew about it since last Tuesday - I had been feeling weird lately. My tummy felt bloated in the way that only pregnancy can make me feel that way. And, I had been burping a lot.

So once again I had this feeling that I might be pregnant though it was not as nagging and intense as the time when I was pregnant with Khayla.

I finally decided to test it on Tuesday night. After the delivery people came to deliver our brand new fridge (yeay!) I went to a pharmacy in Sri Gombak with my little girl to buy pregnancy test kits.

This time I bought 2 kits - just in case the first one produced inconclusive result.

I came home and immediately did the test - this time instead of having to wait for a few moments, the second line appeared almost immediately, albeit faded line.

I couldn't believe my eyes so I went out and showed the result to my sister who also couldn't tell whether the second line was really there.

So I gulped down another mug of water and repeated the test. Again the same thing happened that convinced me slightly that I could be pregnant - again!

When hubby came back from class, I showed him the tests and asked him to buy a more expensive test kit. He did.

The third time I tested, the second line took a while to appear AND it appeared - also a faint line.

The next day I confided in my closest colleague at work about it and she was so overjoyed that she clapped hands! I told her to keep it down and cautioned it might be false alarm as the line appeared faint. She suggested we bought a new test kit (also an expensive kit) during lunch break and re-tested - so I did. I also bought some pre-natal vitamins just in case I am really pregger.

This time it was slightly clearer than my first three attempts.

But after a day of relishing the thought that I might be pregnant - the symptoms lessened and once again I was left wondering whether it was even real - perhaps the pregnancy didn't thrive overnight and I am no longer pregnant?

To confirm it, today we finally went to Klinik Idzham to see a doctor. As usual, I had to pee in a bottle and the nurse did the same test I did at home.

When our turn was called, the doctor (her name is Dr Rubiah, by the way) confirmed the news - yup, we're having another baby! ^_^

Hubby patted my shoulder in delight and congratulated me. We told the news to our unimpressed toddler. All in all, today is a happy day for us :)

By the way, I did not have an ultrasound scan coz the doctor said it's too early to be seen via ultrasound - so she just gauged my pregnancy by asking my first day of last period (23 February).

According to her estimate I am now 7 weeks 2 days pregnant. I forgot to check when my due date will be, but thank God for my iPhone apps, I found out that I may be having another December baby!

It just felt strange to fall pregnant so easily after struggling with sub-infertility for almost 4 years but I'm not complaining :) I feel relieved that I can conceive naturally like other people.

And unlike my first pregnancy, this time I only realized that I am pregnant after almost reaching month 2 - last time I found out earlier coz my boobs ached so much.

Hopefully this pregnancy will be smooth-sailing (no morning sickness please!).

We're looking forward to welcome our second baby into our lives. But we leave it to God. Insya Allah, if it is meant to be, we'll be parents for the second time.

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