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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 27: It's A Girl!

Dear Baby,

It's been a while since we last met you. 5 whole weeks! Phew. But nevertheless, your presence is always felt. You are getting stronger and stronger, kicking and moving, and doing all sorts of cute and not-so-cute (e.g. when you kick too hard you make me go, 'Ooff!') stuffs inside there.

Raya had been a blast. Except for the part when the flight landed and it was quite a bumpy landing. For the whole day, you did not move. We were quite worried at that time, and made it a point to go to the hospital if I still did not feel you move the following day. To make matters worst, we had food poisoning the next day *shudder*. But, luckily by the the third day of Hari Raya, I felt you stirring inside. Then everything went back to normal and Raya had never been more fun. I mean, I don't have to answer anymore 'So, when are you guys going to have children?' questions by busybodies.

I miss home already when I think of it. I miss your Grandma, and her cooking. I ate too much that by the time I came back after hols, everyone thought I was about to pop already coz I GOT SO BIG! I know I should start exercising soon, but things had been quite hectic since we came back that I never managed to find the time *lame excuse, Mommy...*

(Anyway, I only put on 3.5kg, an extra 2+kg from the last visit. So, it's still manageable right?)


We went for our monthly check-up last night. Once again, I was really, really excited to know your gender. Boy? Girl? Once again, I coaxed you to 'open up' to the doctor, so we could find out the most awaited news since you were conceived. I guess last night you were in a good mood, so you obliged.

Before that, I wanted to share with you Daddy's dream. Last week, Daddy told me that he dreamed about our baby's gender. We were in a hospital (apparently I had safely delivered), and then the doctor came carrying our little bundle of joy. The doctor placed the baby in the baby cot, and out of curiousity, Daddy went over to see the baby's sex. So, he pried aside the nappy and saw... no balls. That means, girl.

I was overjoyed after he related his dream but Daddy remained skeptical. You see, Daddy being a big boy, wants a boy as firstborn. Mommy being a big girl, wants a girl as firstborn. Look at how responsible is your Aunty Liza? I long for a little girl who will grow up a responsible young lady who looks after her siblings. BUT, in actual truth, we don't mind if it's a boy or a girl. Either one is still our child, the most awaited child since we were ready to become parents. So, don't you worry your little head that one of us may like you less because of your gender, coz baby, we love you no matter what :)

Back to last night.

As usual, after checking my blood pressure (and gently reprimanding me for putting on weight), the doctor asked me to lie down on the exam table. As soon as I was settled in, the doctor started the ultrasound scan.

Masya Allah, you have certainly grown bigger my child. I love the way you suckle your thumb, and yes, kicking and moving. It's the cutest sight I've ever seen *grin from ear to ear* And at one time the doctor was probing my tummy to measure your thigh bone, you kick and I could feel that movement. It was simply magical!

After doctor has finished measuring whatever needs to be measured, I asked her whether (cough), it's possible to see your gender now. She then scanned downwards to that part of your anatomy. And Alhamdulillah, you were very cooperative.

'Looks like a girl.' She said. I couldn't believe my ears. So, Daddy's dream was true? I flashed a grin and a victory sign at Daddy (yeaay! Mommy's little girl!). Daddy spoke up.
'How do you know Doctor?'
'You see this part, looks like lips?' She zoomed in on that particular part and I could see what she meant. Yup, definitely a girl.

OMG. I'm so excited. I'm getting a little girl! I have always imagined of baking cakes together with my little girl, or sharing stories and stuffs. Inside, I sort of sensed that you will be a girl, the way you are sort of shy with strangers (like you will stay quiet whenever you hear unfamiliar voices talking to me), and lately, I have become quite fussy with my appearance (typical mommy-to-be carrying a girl).

My little girl,

Thank you for obliging Mommy's request. I love you and I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms. Just 13 weeks or 90 days to go!

Mommy (a very proud mommy)

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